About Tiffini Truth

By performing music live it’s given me the confidence to branch out and use my own original music to put in my own shows I host. Instead of waiting to get discovered I’m putting in the work myself to get my music heard in all different avenues of visual platforms and audio.

I host a weekly show on Youtube called “This Week In Metal” where I use all my own original music in between sequences. The show is all about power tool performance stunts and metal artists from around the world. I host a Podcast called “The Metal Mindset” every Wednesday where I talk about metal facts and mental health hacks. Lastly I write a personal style blog every Monday called “Metal Mouth Style” which uncovers the layers of depth behind my personal style and influence.

As you may have guessed I have an affinity for all things Metal (the substance) and my goal as an artist is to bring real metal as a resource to the forefront of not only the music industry but entertainment in general. I want people to see how much we need and rely on metal as a natural resource and how many creative ways it can be used. Not to mention the plethroa of jobs there are in the metal industry for people who want can get certified in a trade.

Official website: www.tiffinitruth.com where you can find my music videos, artist bio etc..

Youtube Series This Week In Metal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyGCxMOVIEY&feature=youtu.be

The Metal Mindset Podcast: https://anchor.fm/tiffinitruth

The Metal Mouth Style Blog: https://metalmouthstyle.blogspot.com/2019/02/make-meat-market-your-runway.html

Tiffini's Skills

  • Co-Writer
  • Creative Designer
  • Top Line
  • Touring Musician

Tiffini's Genres

  • Alternative Rock
  • Blues
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Metal