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Music Gateway is a global online platform with a goal to empower creatives and companies all over the world to be the best they can be at what they do. The platform allows people to build their network and get more opportunities through the creative marketplace, get represented for TV & Film music licensing projects as well as song placements for major artists and on top of this present and organise their music professionally with their own catalogue management system. All of these tools together in one space allows the industry to better their music, represent their music and manage their music leading to a bigger, better and fairer industry.

Since the start of our journey we have defined what we’re doing for artists, songwriters, labels, publishers and more with one core goal across the creative sector… empower creatives. Over this time I’ve seen amazing things happen; independent UK artists working on their first album hooking up with Grammy-Award Winning producers in New York, a cover band singer in Amsterdam featuring on leading Drum & Bass’ label Hospital Record’s latest single, a bedroom producer in Sheffield writing tracks for top K-Pop artists and so many incredible international collaborations and projects.

We’ve also introduced representation in sync and A&R and launched a catalogue management tool that allows creatives to manage metadata, curate playlists and access their music from anywhere in the world at any time to stop the chance of missing out on the perfect opportunity. This has seen us place our members music with channels like Netflix, NBC Universal, HBO, Sony pictures and more.

My personal mile stone is securing a partnership with Gibson & Argos in a National Campaign to encourage young people from all around the UK to create more music. This saw us give away £20,000 worth of prize packages to 20 schools across the UK as well as the winners of the two categories who were chosen by an amazing panel with industry members from all different sectors A&R managers, music supervisors, artist managers and the wonderful Dave Stewart, Eurythmics.

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