About Martha Betubiza

I am a 23 year old young professional aspiring to work in music marketing. My music industry experience includes an internship at Cuneiform Records, a small avant-garde record label, as a Social Media and Concert Promotion Intern and a position at iHeartMedia as a Promotions Assistant. Additionally, I took part in She is the Music's inaugural Virtual Mentorship Program where I worked with Jenna Novak, Senior Director of International Marketing at Sony, to create a U.S. focused marketing plan for Belgian artist, Angèle. My ultimate goal in the music industry is to create more opportunities within the U.S. for international artists. I am currently searching for marketing opportunities that will help me reach this goal.

Work experience

Martha's Skills

  • Marketing
  • Project Manager
  • Radio
  • Co-Writer
  • Lyricist

Martha's Genres

  • Pop
  • Soul

Martha's Experience

All skills have been acquired through past internships, mentorship opportunities and jobs.