About Mariami Bibilouri

Mariami first came to prominence in the UK with two chart-topping singles “Finally” with Jadekey and “Justice Now” with Barista Cafe. With over 13 million streams on Spotify alone amassed via her catalog of written songs, Mariami has proven herself as a global artist with a unique sound that blends pop music with modern stylings learned at Berklee College of Music and the competitive club scene of Los Angeles and NYC. Her musical roots in traditional Georgian soul music lays the foundation for her progressive songwriter toolkit. She paints with a kaleidoscopic palette in this way, blending Indo-European melody + soul. From this she has built her Indo-Pop sound which is brilliantly progressive. Her album “GATES” was performed by H.E.R. 's backing band (RCA records) and chosen by Apple for their Keynote, resulting in billions of impressions worldwide. Her unique style and voice have won her legions of fans, and she continues to tour and release new music to this day.

Work experience

  • Sungate Records
  • 2018-Present
  • Founder

Mariami's Skills

  • Content Creator
  • Music Executive
  • Recording Engineer
  • Artist
Venue Type Experience
  • Arena
  • Artist
  • Songwriter

Mariami's Genres

  • Pop

Mariami's Experience

Sungate is a globally acclaimed record label based in New York & Los Angeles. Mariami – the creator, main artist and visionary behind Sungate – leads the firm in its quest to deliver music across the world. She has laid out a strategy for assisting other young artists in pursuit of their musical ambitions and draws on her experience and success as a well-known, accomplished music professional. A true point-of-difference is her creativity, both in compositions and audio service approaches, which glues the company’s culture and branding together. Sungate experts are set apart from others in the music industry thanks to their strong music background and education abilities. That means when you sign with Sungate, you’ll get a mentor, a musical savant and an invaluable guide. This unique combination of skills and creativity means we can connect emotionally, spiritually and physically with artists from all over the world. With over 482 musicians and 715+ projects in over 308 cities, Sungate Records is poised to help you achieve your goals.