About laura livers

Coming out of the world of academic music – aka the world where unfortunately STILL mostly older men tell you what to do in complete disregard of who you are or could grow to be – I found myself to be a highly trained professional musician that no one wanted to hire. So, in the spirit of the feminist movement, I decided to become self sufficient by learning all the skills I could think of or came across. Be it learning how to play Synth-Bass in a pop band, writing experimental music for my duo, learning how to use Ableton Live or how to set up a PA and give instructions to the FOH. I’ve worked in festival offices, I’ve organised tours, I’ve written over 200 concert reviews and artist portraits, I’ve learnt how to do video editing and simple photoshop.
I strongly believe that in order to get rid of the gender-bias in the music industry, we – and I mean all of us – need to stop playing into the old gender roles. To me this means that men need to start taking female artists (it the most broad sense) serious as well as women need to strive to be taken seriously. Even if this means to become semi-proficient in a field you’re not particularly interested in – how else can you call someone out on their behaviour than to actually have indepth knowledge about that field?
Be loud, proud, curious about everything!

laura' Skills

  • Backline
  • Co-Writer
  • Finance
  • Production Assistant
  • Production Manager
  • Sound Designer
  • Studio Musician
  • Top Line
  • Tour Manager
  • Touring Musician
  • Wardrobe

laura' Genres

  • Classical
  • Experimental
  • Indie Rock
  • Pop
  • World