About Katie Semro

I'm a music maker, performer, and audio creator. I make audio art installations, music, and audio documentaries. I also do audio performance art. I'm also a huge Ableton Live fan and run a free online group called Women with Live for women who create with Live.

Work experience

Katie's Skills

  • Content Creator
  • Mix Engineer
  • Music Editor
  • Post Production
  • Sound Designer
  • Artist
Venue Type Experience
  • Theatre/PAC
  • Mixer
  • Producer

Katie's Genres

  • No Genres Entered

Katie's Experience

I’ve been making audio since 2019, and in that time have made 119 podcast episodes for 3 shows that I created myself. My work has appeared on 39 radio stations across the country, including most recently a non-narrated segment for KUOW in Seattle. In June 2022 I exhibited my first audio installation at Sound Scene Fest 2022 at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. I’ve been commissioned to make an audio installation for two artists for their exhibition at Fountain Street Gallery in Boston in April, 2023. I will be performing an audio art piece at Nova Arts in Keene, NH in June 2023. I also make music for podcasts and for fun.