About Katy McIlvaine

Hi! I've worked in sync licensing for 10 years. Both on the music supervision side as well as the pitching/catalog side. I couldn't possibly choose between and now I've set out to do a little bit of both! I'm actively trying to create more opportunities for women music-makers to be well-informed and participatory in the sync world. I'd love to work with more women producers! Feel free to ask me any questions or reach out about working together!

Work experience

Katy's Skills

  • Licensing
  • Music Supervisor

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Katy's Experience

I have worked both on the artist side and the production (film/tv/trailers) side of music licensing. I’ve come to realize how confusing this world can be for music creators and I’m hoping to connect with, share information and hopefully work with many more women who have music that is great for sync!