About Ali "AMAC" McGuire

I am a professional audio engineer. I record, vocal produce, mix and master all over LA. Mostly working in Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B. I also help write and top line with artists I work with during our sessions as well as help arrange the music. I tune and time vocals as well. I was a FOH engineer for many years and that is where I get most of my tech and trouble shooting skills which have come in handy in the studio as well. I am able to figure out almost any issue. I have helped design and acoustically treat a few studios I have engineered in.

Ali "AMAC"'s Skills

  • Assistant Engineer
  • Audio Technician
  • Co-Writer
  • FOH Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Mix Engineer
  • Mixer
  • Music Editor
  • Producer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Studio Designer
  • Top Line
  • Vocal Producer

Ali "AMAC"'s Genres

  • Hip-Hop
  • House
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Soul
  • Trap