Hello ! My name is Shahar – not to be confused with the desert or the Coachella tent.

After an incredible journey in the dynamic music and creative industries in Los Angeles, I'm thrilled to announce that I am looking for my next opportunity in London!

Over the past 5 years I gained valuable experiences in the live space both on the promoter and agency sides and more recently within the management and independent label orbits. I've had the privilege of working with amazing teams and artists, wearing various hats from Day-to-Day Manager and Project Manager to Assistant Art Director. I've had the opportunity to bridge the gap between artists and their creative visions, orchestrate successful music releases and tours, and contribute to the vibrant music scene in LA.

While I'm on the lookout for the perfect team willing to initiate a visa process with me to make London my new home, I'm also excited to offer my services within the music industry.

In addition to seeking opportunities, I'm also offering my services, including art direction, creative direction, cover art, tour flyers, social media content, project management, day-to-day management, and music industry consulting.

If you or your network require assistance in these areas or know of any opportunities, collaborations, or projects in London's music, arts, or creative industries, please feel free to reach out – I would love to connect!

I am eager to expand my network in London and continue my career within the music industry!