About Tajma Cameron

I have had a bit of Love hate relationship with music, Love to listen to it if I’m honest I would say I’m scared to sing it, I can remember being 5-6 years old helping my mother decorate the Christmas tree and sing a little song about sitting in some chair I had made up.
few years latter I was 10 I was able to sit down with my music teacher and we mixed a beat to song that came out Jazzy and I remember taking it home and listen my parents listen to it they loved it and then I told them I made it.
Fast forward I was twelve listening to Music all day and coming up stairs to my room and just having a entire song come to me after listening to music All day long,
fast forward again to teenage years where I would start sing the favorite songs I liked and matching pitch and tone, then as I transitioned out of High school into my collage years I stated Mixing Videos audio splicing, making video’s, two years ago after listening to Mary J Bliges Album “Strength of Woman” I took a notebook I still carry around with me and I Wrote my first 5-7 songs… in the past two years I filled that books up.
I remember the days sitting in my godmothers dinning room and I would Belt out Beyonce’s “Listen” while watching ‘Dream Girls’
Who am I… Music… Music is Me

Tajma's Skills

  • Top Line

Tajma's Genres

  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • R&B
  • Soul