About Sierra Hill

I currently intern at Uncommon Ground as the “Curatorial Research Intern. Uncommon Ground is a restaurant/venue with a music program focused on growing local emerging talent and giving them performance opportunities. It is my job to do artist research and find the musicians that I believe would fit the vibe and intentions of the space. I also curate my own programming at Uncommon Ground. I have curated Listening events, Panel discussions, and am the co-creator of a monthly event creating community for music producers in Chicago.

I’m also the current Talent Buying intern at Subterranean & Beat Kitchen, notable Music venues in Chicago. I do A&R type artist research for this internship as well. Curate my own programming, and work on booking artists.

Sierra's Skills

  • Creative Designer
  • Producer
  • Production Assistant
  • Production Manager

Sierra's Genres

  • Funk
  • Hip-Hop
  • Jazz
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Soul
  • Trap