About Sheri Miller

I am a proud songwriter, singer, musician and performing artist.

I’ve been inspired to compose complete songs since age 8, and studied music, art and poetry in school. I take joy in writing for my own artistic projects, as well as for / with other artists.

I’ve started to explore cinematic composing, as I love to orchestrate string-wise.

I work on Protools mainly, and can do some general engineering and mixing.

I’ve performed hundreds of live dates, as a headliner, opener and touring musician.

I love music and have deeply soulful intentions to spread love, joy, kindness and empowerment via music and song.

I believe we can ALL achieve our dreams- our success amplifies each other’s success. Unlimited possibilities and success with an abundant mindset!

Sheri's Skills

  • Co-Writer
  • Producer
  • Studio Musician
  • Top Line
  • Touring Musician
  • Vocal Producer

Sheri's Genres

  • Alternative Rock
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Soul