About Seva Omar

I was an intern working for free at Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, VA for a few years. I would run coffee and clean for studio time. I truly learned so much from just watching and observing sessions. I worked there at a time in my life where I felt very lonely and just needed to be around music.

Throughout the years I also slowly build my own home studio where I run Protools and Logic. I have a Komplete Kontrol midi for music production and different instruments I write my songs with such as guitar and piano. All the years of not having a support system made me rely on myself to build my own skills and I’m really grateful for my struggles. When you have nothing, you become resourceful.

I also perform 3-4 days a week at local restaurants/venues where I actually run my own live sound. I have my own mixer and speakers and throughout the years of not having a sound tech, I learned to run my own live set.

Additionally, I have gained a lot of skills on the production/engineering side such as comping vocals, vocal production and directing musicians to create a sound I envision.

Seva's Skills

  • Audio Tech
  • Co-Writer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Studio Musician
  • Top Line
  • Vocal Producer

Seva's Genres

  • Blues
  • Dub
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Funk
  • Hip-Hop
  • House
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Trap
  • World