About Rufy Ghazi

I am a self-taught DJ. I learnt the skills by attending few local workshops and by practicing at friend’s studios.

My DJ sets are a combination of bass, breaks and electro music which are dark but still groovy and melodic, with heavy basslines and drops of vocal hooks.

For my first ever gig, I was fortunate enough to open for Perera Elsewhere and Rhythm Sister who performed for the “Wildcity Inspiration Tour” in India.

I have played gigs at popular local venues and was also one of key members to start a monthly event called “Rise Up” at a local venue that brings together aspiring women DJs to perform in a safe space.

As a part of She Said So – India, we curate a monthly night called “Female Is The Future” which programs a headlining slot for a female DJ.

I have been lucky to be a part and to be able to play at these events.

Rufy's Skills

  • DJ / Remixer
  • Mixer
  • Studio Manager
  • Tour Manager

Rufy's Genres

  • Dub
  • Electronic
  • House