About Jayne Trimble

Emerging Artist of the Year nominee, 2022 Canadian Folk Music Awards, Voting Member of the Recording Academy. Artist name is OXLIP. I've been producing Ethereal Female Folk music since 2011. I run a record label and studio for women called World Peach Records.

Work experience

Jayne's Skills

  • Mix Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Artist
  • Singer
Venue Type Experience
  • Festival
  • Theatre/PAC
  • Artist
  • Performer
  • Singer
  • Studio Musician
  • Touring Musician
  • Mixer
  • Producer
  • Vocal Producer
  • Lyricist
  • Songwriter
  • Studio Manager

Jayne's Genres

  • Folk

Jayne's Experience

I used to work as an audio visual technician. At one particular event the client came up to me and asked for the ‘tech guy’ to fix an issue — automatically assuming the technician couldn’t be me. These types of interactions run rampant within the industry, so that’s why I created World Peach Records- recording studio and label for women. It came about as needs/must, because I was fed up with being in environments driven by male ego. I created a safe, comfortable place where women can come and be the artists they want to be in a supportive creative space. “Trimble is one of an ever-expanding group of people pushing to correct the imbalance in the B.C. and Canadian music scenes.” Stuart Derdeyn, The Vancouver Sun