About Nikki Barron

Put simply, my goal is to help creatives build a sustainable living on their art. I want to help you discover your entrepreneurial spirit and grow your business and marketing skill set.

Business Coaching: I can help you create sustainable and scalable business practices, aka the boring stuff, that makes a huge difference.
Marketing Coaching: This is my favorite part! I will teach you how to grow your community in way that feels good and pays the bills. It’s a win win.
Mindset & Accountability: Learning new skills is hard. Going against your ingrained mindset about money and work is harder. I will help you maintain momentum and your sanity as you grow.
Project Development: I can help you think up “what’s next?” and “how do I get started?” In the biz world we call it strategic planning but that sounds terrible and I promise you it’s not.
Photography & Design: I offer photography and graphic design services to help create a cohesive brand for your project.

Nikki's Skills

  • Creative Designer
  • Production Manager
  • Tour Manager

Nikki's Genres

  • Alternative Rock
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Indie Rock