About Ashley Hackworth

I am someone with a unique outlook in areas of production and design, offering a distinct perspective on the implementation of events since I travel. I bring further creativity and passion due to my love for the arts and interest in music, though more in the niche genres such as K-Pop and J-Rock. Moreover, with my experience, I can assist in highly pressured events with great ease and poise, compared to when I first started and others. An example of this was when I was the only sponsorship volunteer to show for Fvded in the park. I had to organize and set-up the VIP areas, as well as keep sponsor tent replenish by myself as a one-woman team. I got the tasks done while having fun, although it was a bit tiring. I am also able to adapt and handle language barriers professionally, due to volunteering/working in different locations, as well as genres. The adaptability was most beneficial at Secret Solstice.

I am a very determined person, and when I have a goal or task to complete, I take every legal measure to accomplish or exceed the goal/task. For example, when BTS announced a Wembley concert last minute and the teams I worked with wanted to welcome them, promote them and celebrate the fans coming across the world. Additionally, the South Korean media wanted to highlight this accomplishment and its importance. So, I got a team of 10 young women together to organized a week of activities.
These activities included an ARMY bus tour of London. The results were that we had to rent two double-decker buses party buses due to the demand. There were over 200 ARMYs from across the globe coming together to meet and tour London, while also promoting the Wembley concert. Another activity was the re-branding of a cafe specifically for ARMY. From BTS themed craft booths to customed named drinks, it was an ARMY Utopia for a day. Everyone enjoyed the day, including the venue’s staff and security! At the end of the cafe, we had 800 in attendance raising over £1,100+ for charity. We only had three months to plan, implement, promote and update the media.
Furthermore, I am assertive and passionate. If something needs to change, I make my concerns known and take action. I can network with the best of them and do not get intimidated as easily, which gains others respect. Additionally, giving me further credibility in what I can do.

Ashley's Skills

  • Backline
  • Production Manager

Ashley's Genres

  • Indie Rock
  • Pop
  • Punk