About Charlie McClean

Charlie has produced, engineered and written with a huge variety of different artists and creators, allowing her to bring a confident and relaxed atmosphere to any session irrespective of the genre. She strives to combine unusual influences to create unique productions with artists. Her calm demeanour and dedication to great artistry makes her an ideal choice to work with developing artists. Her training under Biff Stannard and Ash Howes began working as an engineer for X factor UK, giving her insight into high pressure, fast turnaround recording situations – what ever the deadline, situation, Charlie strives to bring the best from any artist or performer in a stress free studio environment.
As a vocal producer, her years spent as a professional vocalist gives her a first hand sympathetic understanding of the challenges in the studio. Combined with her technical and music knowledge and experience, she is an ideal choice for any vocal session. She works regularly in Europe as a vocal producer working with artists singing English as a second language, and having previously worked as a vocal tutor, is well versed in techniques for aiding both performance and pronunciation.
As an orchestrator, Charlie’s background as a cellist, pianist and saxophone player allows her to arrange for ensembles from both a composer and player perspective, bringing together classical and jazz training (BA Hons British & Irish Modern Music Institute, jazz guitar major), to add depth and grace to any arrangement.
Her training as a technical engineer gives artists the opportunity to work in unconventional spaces, as she is able to build custom studios to create the idea environment for creative inspiration.
As a bespoke audio editor, her expertise has garnered her a reputation as a go-to for major label artists for live performance, fast turnaround tuning and editing for broadcast and non-Western vocal performance (microtonal pitch work and tonal language vocals).

Charlie's Skills

  • Assistant Engineer
  • Audio Technician
  • Co-Writer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Mix Engineer
  • Mixer
  • Music Editor
  • Production Assistant
  • Programmer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Studio Designer
  • Studio Musician
  • Top Line
  • Vocal Producer

Charlie's Genres

  • Alternative Rock
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Funk
  • Hip-Hop
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Minimalism
  • New Wave
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Soul
  • Standards
  • World

Camps Attended