About camilla nobre


Work experience

  • youbloom
  • 3 months
  • Project Manager

camilla's Skills

  • Content Creator
  • A&R
  • Music Curator

camilla's Genres

  • Alternative Rock
  • Grunge
  • Hip-Hop
  • Indie Rock
  • Pop
  • Psychedelic
  • Punk
  • R&B
  • Rap

camilla's Experience

I have a versatile background, from Sales, hospitality to content creation. For years I traveled and lived abroad in Europe and Asia. It was during the first lockdown back in 2020 that I had an opportunity of getting involved In the Music industry, I managed a small Social Media team remotely for a start-up festival and opened my Business as a freelance virtual assistant. Now in 2021, the creative bug is biting again. I am having this awesome time working with many special artists who are genuine about their art. I write about people who should be played on the radio, people who are so good at what they do but still they Are unsigned and following a lonely path. Music discovery is my main focus at the moment. I love to combine my recent love for marketing with my oldest love, music. I hope that my work can highlight great talent out there. I am looking forward to other doors opening for Me in Music.