Hi! My name is Shébani, and I'm a singer/songwriter based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I've been pursuing my musical career and releasing music since 2016, and I'm currently working on my debut album.

To be very honest, the idea of releasing the album has been making me really nervous and stressed out. It's not so much a creative thing (I feel like that's inevitable :p), as much as it is promotional. My concern is that I haven't gotten the hang of play-listing my music internationally. A huge part of me is ready to expand and start pushing my music not only in the UAE, but outside of it too.

Since traveling and booking gigs is a bit of an impossible thing at the moment, I want to learn more about play-listing my music and reaching a wider audience through DSP's.

Any advice, tips or help is greatly appreciated!

Here is my Spotify link, feel free to check out my music =)